Achieving Effective Folds in Paper Models

The art of the fold is one of the most overlooked but most important features in paper modeling. The quality of the fold affects the entire quality of the model. This is true for both gluing tabs and folds along a patterned sheet. All of your folds must be straight, crisp and firm. Follow these steps to achieve a good fold:

  1. If a fold line does not already, existing use a ruler or straight edge and a pencil to lightly mark the fold. Do not try to fold paper without a guide line or by just using hash marks at either end.
  2. Use a bone folder a dull knife to score the fold. A bone folder is a small plastic tool that’s designed to make folds. They are available at most craft stores. Make sure the edge of the fold matches the pencil mark or pre-printed fold mark. Once the paper is scored you can use an eraser to remove the pencil mark.
  3. Carefully fold the paper along the score of the f Fold the paper all the way over and press the fold down firmly with either the side of the bone folder or your finger.

 Good folds take practice so try out some of folds on scrap paper or basic models before taking on a more complicated project.