Trains for Scenery Trade-in Program

Are you interested in getting free Scenery Sheets? Do you have extra locomotives, freight cars or accessories you're not actively using on your layout? Would you like to get book value or full market value for those items?

The Scenery Sheets "Trains for Scenery Trade-in Program" gives you a store credit at this website ( and for your locomotives, rollings stock and accessories. You can only spend your trade-in dollars here, however we'll give either full book value or full market value for your trains. You probably wouldn't want to send us your entire collection but it is a great way to turn unused locomotives, rolling stock and other items into scenery for your current layout.

For example, if you've got a few box cars just sitting on the shelf or a locomotive that doesn't match the road name you're running these days, send it to us for credit on Scenery Sheets. Trade those items into a dealer and you'll probably get 50-60 cents on the dollar. Try to sell them on Ebay and you'll pay at least 20% in fees plus the hassle of taking pictures, creating the listing, etc. Send them to us and we'll give you store credit on the full book or market value.

How do we determine value? For O scale items, we'll give you the current value published in guides such as Greenberg (Note: This assessment takes into account the TCA grading of the item). If a current price guide is not available for the item you're trading in (this is true for most scales besides O), we'll give you store credit equal to average sale price of that item on Ebay over the last 60 days. 

What about shipping costs? Since we're offering you full book value or market value for the item, you pay shipping on items that you send us. That's why it's best to send us a few items at one time. That way you'll spread the shipping cost a few items rather than spending $8 to ship a $15 freight car. If you're not satisfied with a our assessment of book value or market value you must also return shipping to have the items sent back to you. The only time this may be an issue, though is if we disagree about the condition of the item. Our assessment will be based on the TCA grading standards, regardless of the scale or brand of the item. You can download a copy of the standards here.

So how do you get started? Just fill out and sign the Seller Agreement form below and mail it to the address below with the trains you'd like to trade in for Scenery Sheets credit. Once we receive the trains, we'll contact you with the value assessment. If that's acceptable we'll give you a code to use at checkout to receive your trade-in credit and email or mail you a copy of the exercised Seller Agreement. Remember, this credit is for the Scenery Sheets direct sale website only and is not valid on non-Scenery Sheet items or other retail channels such as Ebay or Amazon.

For any questions about the program use the Contact Us form or call us at 609-760-8324.

Download the "Trains for Scenery" Trade-in Program Seller Agreement

Shipping address (don't forget to include your signed Seller Agreement):

Scenery Sheets Trade-in Program
230 N. Maple Ave. Ste. B1 #345
Marlton, NJ 08053